A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Santa's Nightmare is a top-down shooter. The story takes place in the North Pole the day after Christmas. All the bad children across the world that haven't received anything for Christmas decide to team-up against Santa and raid Santa's town. 

In order to save the North Pole you must take control of Santa and give those children what they don't deserve. Survive as long as you can completing an epic quest!

These are the controls of the game, you can view this panel in game by pressing 'I'.

This game was created by Desces and Paladin for Christmas of 2017. The music was made by Kabir Birdi

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We are planning on keeping the game updated so if you find any bug or have any suggestion please let us know, you are more than welcome to speak your mind.


  • Programmer - Desces
  • Artist - Paladin
  • Music - Kabir Birdi & Angad Birdi

Changelog 26-12-2017:

  • Balanced tweaks
  • Quest tweaks
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Dec 24, 2017
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsDesces, PseudoDuo
GenreShooter, Survival
TagsChristmas, Low-poly, Physics, Tactical, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksTwitter, Twitter


Santa's Nightmare.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Export the folder 'Santa's Nightmare' from the zip file. Inside the exported folder you will find an exe to play the game, ENJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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Had so much fun with this! Those kids are ruthless haha

Your game starts at 4:36


Nice game, I made a vidéo (in french) :)


Merci! :) happy new year!

Gave it a go! my major issue was I needed more explanation of gameplay elements (didn't understand upgrade system in the slightest, powerups, or the generator)

Other than that it's a good start and I had fun :)

Hiya! Here's my play of the game. The only problems I had was not being able to change resolution and the generator parts were kinda hard to find. The game was really fun and I loved the low-poly art style!

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Hiya! Sorry to hear about your problem, did u try to press 'ESC' (in game)->Options and change the resolution or fullscreen from there? Anyway good to hear that despite the issue, you enjoyed our game. Thanks for the feedback and happy new year!

The dark souls of Christmas games 11/10

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late post. I had a play and did a video for you guys and I have say I really enjoyed playing Santas nightmare. The graphics are pretty neat and I had no problems at all except for finding the parts and staying alive hahaha. Keep up the great work



Cheers mate, I am glad that you enjoyed the game :). Have happy new year

I got your message however there is a critical error in the game, its all smooth at first but after a few minutes (when the music loops it seems), the fps drops to a shocking low level and the game crashes.

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Hi, first of all sorry for the inconvenience. As a quick fix try to lower the Graphic settings to High instead of Ultra. I think I know where the issue could be I'm working on it :)

EDIT: FIXED 25-12-2017